6 Spingtime Back Savers

Winter is behind us and spring is in full bloom. With that comes the chance to get outside, enjoy the weather, and get active. Transitioning from the lazy days of winter, into the bustle of the spring season, can take its toll on your body. Here are six back-saving tips to ease you outdoors:

10 Ways to Prep Your Home for Back Surgery

Last month, we asked our readers to share some of the tips and tricks they used to make their homes more comfortable during recovery from back surgery. Everyone’s recovery process and accommodations at home are a little bit different, so some of these tips might be...

A word from Nate “Rock” Quarry

One of Nate Quarry’s most important jobs as the Health and Wellness Coach for The Better Way Back® is to help patients set realistic post operative goals for themselves after undergoing minimally disruptive spine surgery.