Become an Ambassador

You’re back from your personal journey through chronic pain!

You’ve been through a difficult time, and you’ve emerged healthy and optimistic. Now, you have a unique opportunity–the chance to “pay it forward” as a Patient Ambassador.

As a Patient Ambassador for The Better Way Back®, you can be enormously helpful to people suffering from chronic back, leg, or neck pain. By simply lending a sympathetic ear and sharing your story, you’ll be a source of inspiration and hope.

Ambassadors help increase public awareness of chronic back, leg, and neck pain. Sometimes, Ambassadors have the opportunity to represent The Better Way Back to the media. But your greatest contribution will be on a more personal level–listening and talking one on one with a fellow victim of chronic back or leg pain.

The Better Way Back is here to support you and give you the tools you need to connect with others and “pay it forward.”


If you would like to be considered for a Patient Ambassador role, please fill out and submit the online application below, or call The Better Way Back team at 1-800-745-7099.

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