Patient ambassadors

Through The Better Way Back, we connect patients considering spine surgery to our patient ambassadors—empathetic patients who have undergone a spinal procedure and are ready to help others by sharing about their journeys back to health.


If you are a candidate for spine surgery and are interested in speaking with a patient ambassador, we invite you to join our nationwide community today

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About our ambassadors

Patient ambassadors are an integral part of our strong and diverse community. Ambassadors are forged through their own experiences with chronic pain and spine surgery. They are dedicated to sharing their stories of hope by interacting one-on-one over the phone with patients who share some of the same challenges. Our entire community believes that this journey should not be one walked alone.

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Become an ambassador

 You’re back from your personal journey through chronic pain.

 You’ve been through a difficult time, and you’ve emerged healthy and optimistic. Now you have a unique opportunity—the chance to “pay it forward” as a patient ambassador.

Connect with patients

You can be enormously helpful to fellow patients with spinal conditions. By lending a sympathetic ear to sufferers and sharing your recovery story, you will be a source of inspiration and hope.

Increase public awareness

You can help increase public awareness of the benefits of spine surgery through recounting your experience. Additionally, ambassadors may have the opportunity to represent The Better Way Back to the media.

If you would like to become a patient ambassador, please contact us.