Summer has arrived and if early indications hold true, it’s going to be a warm one. Want to help ease your back pain while staying cool at the pool? You’re in luck! Swimming can be one of the best activities for people with lower back pain and tightness – it’s a great cardiovascular, full-body exercise that is low-impact on the body.

Before jumping in, talk to your physician about the best exercise regimen for you. Then, check out the Virginia Spine Institute’s comprehensive guide for getting the most out of swimming without exacerbating your pain, which includes the following advice on swimming strokes:

  • Backstroke places less stress on the spine when compared to forward strokes, but also requires stronger abdominal muscles.
  • When swimming freestyle, be mindful of the extension and jerking of your   neck. It can lead to neck and lower back injuries.
  • Breaststroke is the best swimming stroke for those with spine problems.

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