For more than a decade, The Better Way Back Community has supported patients undergoing the NuVasive® XLIF® surgical spine procedure. The only program of its kind, it has grown to over 2,000 ambassadors and served 3,100 patients nationwide.

“Over 65 million Americans suffer from chronic back pain,” said Michael Hubbard, President of The Better Way Back. “We know the time is right to expand the program to address a greater number of conditions and treatments.”

Nate Quarry, a former MMA fighter, was at risk of losing his career and the ability to play with his young daughter when he turned to XLIF surgery 11 years ago. His experience was so positive that he became The Better Way Back’s first Patient Ambassador.

“When someone is scared and doesn’t know what to do, surgery is the last thing they want,” Quarry says. “Our goal is to connect people with a community that understands their pain and offers hope for a brighter future.”

The Better Way Back community is founded on the belief that hearing personal experience from someone who has been through back surgery is invaluable. Once someone joins, they are paired with a Patient Ambassador who has gone through a similar experience. This helps ensure they feel comfortable asking practical questions about what to expect during surgery and recovery, and eases their fears and anxiety.

“Through my six years as an ambassador, I have met thousands of people suffering from chronic pain.” Quarry says. “I couldn’t be more excited that the program is expanding and more people will be able to receive this life-changing support.”

Back pain sufferers can visit for tips and resources on both surgical and non-surgical treatment options, along with stories from ambassadors and patients.