Exercising can be nearly impossible with chronic back and leg pain. If your doctor has counseled you against any high-impact, land exercise (including running, walking, or biking), ask him or her if water-based exercise would be a good alternative for you. Patient Ambassador Joseph R. suggests swimming to rebuild your core strength after spine surgery.

In addition, Ambassadors have mentioned the following reasons to put on a suit and splash around a few days a week:


When you have trouble getting out of the bed in the morning, it’s hard to feel like you can do much of anything. With water-based activity/exercise, you can gain some of the freedom you once had before your back and leg pain. Because of the physical properties of water, your weight is completely supported, taking off some of the pressure there. Hopefully, with your physician’s approval, you can freely and comfortably move in the water and get a restorative exercise routine going on a regular basis.


When you suffer from chronic back and leg pain, exercise can be physically impossible which can lead to deteriorating muscle tissue and loss of muscle strength. Water can help build some of that muscle back up. It provides resistance by a very gentle friction that allows you to comfortably work out your muscles without the risk of injury or re-injury due to your body being imbalanced. Ask your doctor if water-based strength training is right for you.


As if your chronic pain isn’t enough, you also may have muscle pain due to tightening and stiffness. Stretching in water could be a great way for you to loosen up stiff muscles, because being in water allows you to comfortably get into positions that would otherwise be very difficult. Ask your doctor if he or she can recommend specific stretches for you to do in water.

Chronic back and leg pain is a debilitating condition, and one that our Patient Ambassadors have dealt with on a daily basis for many years. Thankfully, after undergoing spine surgery, our Ambassadors have had their lives completely changed. Ambassador Betty B., said after undergoing minimally invasive spine surgery, “I am feeling almost 100 percent better and I have my life back!”