Chronic back pain impacts the entire family. Here’s a look at what one caregiver has to say to his/her loved one before surgery.

The day is almost here. You’re finally getting the back pain treatment you need. It’s hard to believe that after all this time and everything you’ve gone through, healing and normalcy are on their way once again. I know how long you’ve waited, and I’m proud you’ve taken this step.

I know the road has felt long and lonely. Even though I’ve been here for you, I know I can’t understand the pain you feel or the emotions that result from it. But, I can make you a few promises as you get the back pain help you need.

I will be there for it all. I’ll take notes at the doctor’s appointments, I’ll make sure we have what we need in the house to keep you comfortable, and help you do as much for yourself as possible. I’ll be there for you – to talk, to listen, to be whatever you need.

I’ll be your advocate and your guide rails. I know you; you’re going to want to do more than you should, faster than you should. You always have! So I’ll make sure you follow the doctor’s advice and don’t let the restrictions get you down. Every now and then, I’ll remind you that you have to do things yourself. Just remember, that’s me loving you and wanting you to feel like this situation is yours to control. When you decided to have this back surgery, you took back your control.

I’ll take care of me, too. You’ve been great at acknowledging that my job isn’t easy, either. I want to be the best I can be for you, so I will enlist friends and family to give me some down time. Who knows, maybe someone else can actually beat you at cards!
I know this is going to be hard. Challenges we haven’t even anticipated will crop up and take us by surprise. We’re both going to feel a little lost and, likely, a lot frustrated
now and then. I know we’re both scared of what’s to come, but I also know that we’re taking the steps we need to get through this.

We will get back to normal.

You will get your life back.

We will get our life back, and we’ll do it together. One day at a time.